DRIVING TOO FAST book cover   Driving Too Fast
Dorothy Porter

Dustjacket synopsis:
"The poetry of Dorothy Porter is exuberant, imaginative and always entertaining. Driving Too Fast, her fourth book, illustrates this signature superbly. The poems are arranged in a tantlaising sequence which begins with legendary personae and closes with the poet's own voice.

"The dramatic dialogues of the first section include a fascinating gallery - Carmen, Trucanini and the Antarctic explorers Oates and Wilson. Poems in the middle section move towards the experiences and interests of the poet. By the final section the passions are nakedly the poet's own."


I In Extremis
   Carmen's Song
   Don Jose's Song
   Carmen's Cards
   Carmen's Finale
   Don Jose's Knife
   Don Jose's Finale
Oates' Diary
Wilson's Diary
Mrs Fern-Smith
The Twins
   Jean's Diary December
   Janice's Diary December
   Jean's Diary April
   Janice's Diary April
   Jean's Diary May
   Jean's Diary May
   Jean's Diary 24th June
   The Visit 24th June Jean
   The Visit 24th June Janice
   The Visit 24th June Janice
   The Visit 24th June Jean

II "A Girl Mad as Birds"
The New Supernova
Cliff-Edge Spring
"A Girl Mad as Birds"
Lying Awake at Dawn
The Lazy Poem
The Satin Bower Bord
Hawkesbury River
Picking up Shelley from School
Flesh and Blood
The Red Sports Car Afternoon
When Desire's Gone

III Amulet
Driving Too Fast
Your Kisses
Strawberries Sonnet
Lollies Noir
Driving Home at 3 a.am.
Cars. Lightning. Rain
The Amulet

From the UQP paperback edition, 1989.

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