BANJO PATERSON'S AUSTRALIANS book cover   Banjo Paterson's Australians
A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson
Paintings by Dorothy Gauvin


Cover by Dorothy Gauvin

Dustjacket synopsis:
"This is the second book of Dorothy Gauvin's oil paintings illustrating the verse and prose of A.B. Paterson. Over one hundred years ago, "the Banjo" first captured the hearts of Australians through his ballads about bush and city life. His work first appeared in 1885 published in The Bulletin wher he aciebed immediate success. Paterson soon built an enormous following and found a special place in the affections of his countrymen. Above all, though, it is the descriptions of ordinary Australians, drovers, drinkers. sportsmen, farmers and bushmen, that has continued to make his poetry so popular and so enduring.

"Banjo Paterson's Australians, which features the characters Mulga Bill, The Man from Snowy River and Father Riley, is brought to life by Dorothy Gauvin in fascinating detail and glowing colour. Drawn from Paterson's poems, these paintings portray the strength of charcater, resoucefulness and humour that have become symbols of the Australian identity."

Mulga Bill's Bicycle
The Swagman's Rest
The Man from Snowy River
"In re A Gentleman One"
The Travelling Post Office
The Old Station
The Old Australian Ways
The Great Calamity
The Man from Ironbark
Hay and Hell and Booligal
Sitting in Judgment
Father Riley's Horse
The Merino Sheep
The Mylora Elopement
Thirsty Island
A Bush Christening
The Daylight is Dying
Last Week
The Pannikin Poet

From the Angus and Robertson hardback edition, 1989.

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