THE ANIMALS THAT NOAH FORGOT book cover   The Animals Noah Forgot
A.B. Paterson
Illustrated by Norman Lindsay


Cover by Norman Lindsay

Dustjacket synopsis:
"This delightful collection of illustrated children's verse by two great Australians is now recognised as a classic. It brings to life characters such as Bristling Billy the Porcupine, Weary Will the Wombat, Old Man Platypus, Baggy-beak the Pelican and many more.

"The Animals Noah Forgot was written for children but, like all classics, it reaches out to people of all ages. It reveals Paterson's great love of the Australian bush and his wry sense of humour, and includes some of the most charming verses ever written about Australian animals, perfectly matched by Norman Lindsay's light-hearted and appealing illustrations."

"There has not been better poetry written before or since." - Dr Clement Semmler


Frogs in Chorus
High Explosive
Weary Will
The Diggers
Old Man Platypus
Flying Squirrels
Fur and Feathers
Benjamin Bandicoot
A Bush Lawyer
Why the Jackass laughs
An Emu Hunt
White Cockatoos
Buffalo Country
A Dog's Mistake
Black Harry's Team
The Billy-Goat Overland

From the Angus & Robertson hardback edition, 1990.

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