THE POETRY OF 'BREAKER' MORANT book cover   The Poetry of 'Breaker' Morant
Foreword by David McNicoll
Harry 'Breaker' Morant

First Paragraph from the Foreword:

"Could I be shown the spot where The Breaker was executed?" I asked.

Charles More, the South African Government's expert on the Boer War, shook his head.

"The barracks and jail have been torn down, and housing covers it," he said, "but I can show you Morant's grave."

We drove out to the Pretoria cemetery. Shady trees, well-tended lawns, graves surrounded by flowers. At the end of a long row of old graves, More pointed.

There was this narrow grave, enclosed with a low stone edging. At its head was a white stone cross, and below was written: "To the memory of P. Handcock and Henry H. Morant. February 27, I902. 'He that loseth his life shall find it"'

"They are both there," Charles More said. "We believe the coffins were laid one on top of the other. That is the reason for the narrow grave."

It was very still in the cemetery that morning. As I looked at the grave I tried to visualize the happenings of I902-the mismanaged, ghastly Boer War still dragging on and, superimposed over one section of it, the trial and conviction of a group of Australian volunteers and the execution by firing squad of a man who had become a rouseabout legend in Australia-Harry Morant, known to readers of The Bulletin as "The Breaker".

Since 1902 the story of Morant has been written scores of times. Writers, almost as if by prearrangement, have reached different conclusions about Morant. The differences have, on occasion, erupted into fairly angry letters, claims and counter-claims.


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From the Golden Press hardback edition, 1980.

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