PADDY MAGEE by Harry ("Breaker") Morant

What are you doing now, Paddy Magee?
Grafting, or spelling now, Paddy Magee?
Breaking, or branding?
Or overlanding,
Out on the sand ridges, Paddy Magee?
Is your mouth parched, from an all-night spree?
Taking a pick-me-up, Paddy Magee?
Cocktail - or simple soda and b.? -
Which is the "antidote," Paddy Magee?

Still "shook" on some beautiful, blushing she? Girl in the Bogan side, Paddy Magee? A hack providing For moonlight riding, Side-saddle foolery, Paddy Magee?
Up on the station - or in the town - Or on the Warrego, droving down, Whatever you're doing - wherever you be! "There's lashin's o' luck to ye!" Paddy Magee!

First published in The Bulletin, 20 February 1892.

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