So now the Brands
   Seek other lands;
Alack! long ere they reach 'em
   A fickle crowd
   Will cheer as loud
For godly Governor Beauchamp.

'Twill be Hampden's lot To be soon forgot, Now an Earl is his successor; But the new-chum Earl Will bring no girl Like Dorothy Brand - God bless her!
Then let it be known That all of us own Since her dad to Australia brought her. That there has not been, Nor will there be seen Another such Governor's daughter.
Yes! we all concur (In respect to her Ideas are not dividing) There's no "seat," nor "hands" Like Dorothy Brand's When she goes out a-riding!
And each Australian, And every alien Who rides as straight as he "oughter," Has been fain to yield In the hunting-field To the prowess of Hampden's daughter.
So, doff your "cady" To this young lady! Hooray-with your hat in your hand; - Australia's pride Was the girl who could ride Like the Honorable Dorothy Brand!

First published in the Bulletin 18 February 1899.

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