THE DEVOUTLY THANKFUL LOVER by Harry ("Breaker") Morant

So Nell was married yesterday! -
   Let's fill a bumper mellow,
And drain it to old Hymen's sway -
   And to the lucky fellow.

Time was when 1 was "gone" on her: When each day I'd discover Fresh charms to make my pulses stir, And-fool-like-act the lover.
Her eyes were bright as stars at night, Her lips were like to coral, And Nell was, in her lover's sight, As beautiful as moral.
But now with joy we drink his health, Whom Nell did most prefer, And wish him lots of luck and wealth Who's lately married her.
I loved - for Nell was fair and tall, And sweet as fragrant clover - But now I love her most of all Because - she threw me over.

First published in The Bulletin, 22 January 1898.

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