A DEPARTING DIRGE by Harry ("Breaker") Morant

Girls in town and boys out back,
I've rolled up my little pack,
And on june's chill wintry gales
Sail from pleasant New South Wales.
Ere I go - a doggerel song
To bid the whole caboose "So-long!"

Saddle-gear and horses sold - Fetched but scanty stock of gold - Scanty!! yet the whole lot Publicans and Flossies got. Since I in this country landed Ne'er before was I so "stranded".
Now I'm leaving Sydney's shore Harder up than e'er before; A keen appetite I feel To taste a bit o' British veal; And let's trust, across the foam They have a fatted calf at home.
From duns and debts (once safe on board) Pray deliver me, oh Lord! Here's the burden of my song: "Good-bye, old girl! Old chap, So-long!" Hardest loss of all I find To leave the good old horse behind. So-long, "Cavalier!"

First published in The Bulletin, 5 August 1899.

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