AT LAST by Harry ("Breaker") Morant

When I am tired, and old and worn,
   And harass'd by regret;
When blame, reproach, and worldlings' scorn
   On every side are met;
When I have lived long years in vain
   And found Life's garlands rue,
Maybe I'll come back again -
   At last - at last - to you!

When all the joys and all the zest Of youthful years have fled, Maybe that I shall leave the rest And turn to you instead; For you, Dear Heart, would never spurn (With condemnation due!) If, at the close of all, I turn Homeward - at last - to you!
When other faces turn away, And lighter loves have passed; When life is weary, cold, and gray - I may come back - at last! When cares, remorse, regrets are rife - Too late to live anew - In the sad twilight of my life I will come back - to you!

First published in The Bulletin, 5 April 1902.

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