CONFERENCE-VILLE book cover Conference-ville 1976
Cover photograph by Maikka Trupp. Cover design by Mary Callahan.

Dustjacket synopsis:
"So there I was. The eve of the conference, my paper in the hands of an intellectual sadist, with the possibility that there would be no conference...

"It is the 1970s, the days of wine and rage are almost over. The Whitlam Government has just been sacked. Anarchists, unionists, academics, feminists and political apparatchiks gather at a conference in a hothouse atmosphere of political, intellectual and sexual rivalries, and rumours of CIA manipulation.

"Politics, personal morality and sexual mores all come under Moorhouose's ironic and penetrating gaze."

"Moorhouse...has energy to burn. You'll find you can't just read him, you'll devour him" - Le Monde
"An acknowledged craftsman - the best of the current short story writers in Australia" - Sydney Morning Herald
"the widest read chronicler of the new intelligentsia and their uncertainties" - Financial Review


In-Flight Sadism
Class Warfare in the Bar-Bistro
Words and Blood
Classroom Liberal
Saying Your Piece
Motel Midnight
Pictures of Corruption
A Homely Experience
Access to Ourselves
The Holocaust Game
A Gentleman's Club during the Cold Civil War
Cafe Society Table-to-Table Fighting

From the Picador paperback edition, 1996.

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