Andrew McGahan

Brief Biography

Andrew McGahan was born in 1965 on a farm in Dalby, Queensland. During a period of unemployment in 1991, McGahan wrote his first novel Praise which subsequently won the Australian/Vogel award. It also won the best First Novel Award for the South East Asia and South Pacific Region section of the Commonwealth Writers' prize. His second novel, 1988 is a prequel to Praise but did not receive anywhere near the same acclaim as his first novel. His next novel Last Drinks won the award for Best First Crime Novel at the 2001 Ned Kelly Awards.

McGahan's big break-through novel came with The White Earth which won "The Age" and "The Courier-Mail" Book of the Year Awards for 2004, the Best Book for South East Asia and South Pacific Region of the Commonwealth Writers' prize in the same year, and the 2005 Miles Franklin Award.

Andrew McGahan currently lives and writes in Melbourne, Victoria.


Praise 1992
1988 1995
Last Drinks 2000
The White Earth 2004
Underground 2006

Bait 1992

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