UNTOLD TALES book cover   Untold Tales
David Malouf

Front cover photograph: 'Souvenir of Newport Beach 1978' Max Dupain

Dustjacket synopsis:
"In the four short narratives collected here, David Malouf explores some of the "untold tales" behind familiar stories - historical, mythic and legendary - while at the same time offering a series of meditations on the role of folktales and story-telling in shaping human lives. In each of these tales, Malouf's own skill as a story-teller is balanced by a poet's feel for language and by a contemplative approach to the ancient craft of narrative invention."

"This engaging collection offers a distillation of Malouf's best qualities - history and poetry, curiosity and imagination - all working together in the simplest and most beguiling of literary forms, the tale you haven't heard before." - Ivor Indyk

"Buxtehude's Daughter"
"The Runners"
"Epimetheus or, the Spirit of Reflection"
"Ulysses or, the Scent of the Fox"

From the Paper Bark Press hardback edition, 1999.

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