SELECTED POEMS book cover   Selected Poems
David Malouf

Cover illustration by Louise Tuckwell

Dustjacket synopsis:
"Selected Poems draws on all five previous collections, including Neighbours in a Thicket, which won the gold medal of the Australian Literature Society, the Grace Leven Prize and the James Cook Award for best Australian book of the year. It also presents several new and uncollected pieces."

"At My Grandmother's"
"Epitaph for a Monster of Our Times"
"The Year of Foxes"
"The Music Lesson"
"Wolf Boy"
"This Day Under My Hand"
"Birthday Poem"
"At a School Athletics Day"
"On Refusing an All-risk Insurance Policy"
"Sheer Edge"
"Confessions of an Only Child"
"Early Discoveries"
"An Ordinary Evening at Hamilton"
"Episode from an Early War"
"Decade's End"
"A Charm Against the Dumps"
"The Little Aeneid"
"Among the Ruins"
"In the Grand Manner"
"Bad Dreams in Vienna"
"Report from Champagne Country"
"A Poet Among Others"
"At Ravenaa"
"Notes on an Undiscovered Continent"
"Read Horace Outside Sydney, 1970"
"Stooping to Drink"
"Off the Map"
"Pieces for a Northern Winter"
"The Gift, Another Life"
"To be Written in Another Tongue"
"Escape from the City of Glass"
"A Commentary on Galatians"
"The Fables"
"The Elements of Geometry"
"Guide to the Perplexed"
"Gray's Anatomy"

"Wild Lemons"
"Elegy: the Absences"
"First Things Last"
"The Crab Feast"
"An Die Musik"
"Ode: Stravinsky's Grave"
"A Place in Tuscany"
"From a Time of Disruption, 1982"
"Harvest month"
"A Brief History of Tuscany"
"Familiar Story"
"Earth Tremor, Yaddo, NY, 1988"

From the Angus & Robertson paperback edition, 1992.

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