David Ireland

Brief Biography

David Ireland was born in Lakemba in New South Wales in 1927. Before taking up full-time writing in 1973 he undertook the classic writer's apprenticeship by working in a variety of jobs ranging from greenkeeper to an extended period in an oil refinery.

Ireland has won the Miles Franklin Award on three occasions, with The Unknown Industrial Prisoner in 1971, The Glass Canoe in 1976, and A Woman of the Future in 1979. Ireland's novel A Woman of the Future was also awarded The Age Book of the Year Award in 1980.


The Chantic Bird 1968
The Unknown Industrial Prisoner 1971
The Flesheaters 1972
Burn 1974
The Glass Canoe 1976
A Woman of the Future 1979
City of Women 1981
Archimedes and the Seagle 1984
Bloodfather 1987
The Chosen 1997

Short Stories
"Death of a Thousand Cuts" - appears in Mortal Fire: Best Australian SF presented by Terry Dowling and Van Ikin.

Image in the Clay 1964

Critical Appraisals of His Work
Double Agent by Helen Daniel, 1982, Penguin Australia
Atomic Fiction The Novels of David Ireland by Ken Gelder, UQP

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