BUSH JUSTICE by Charles Harpur

A Dealer, bewitched by gain-promising dreams
Settled down near my Station, to trade with my Teams,
And to sell to, my men too! from whom, through the nose,
Until then, I had screw'd just what prices I chose;
And for this, to be sure, I so hated the man,
That I swore ne'er to rest till I'd settled some plan
Whereby in the Lockup to cleverly cram him!
And so to my Super the matter I put,
Who thereupon 'found' a sheep's head near his hut,
And the 'how came it there?' was sufficient to damn him,
The Beak before who I then lugg'd him, as you
May suppose, being neck-deep in Squattery too.

'Twas a beautiful Hearing, as noted at large By the Clerk (who was bonuss'd) - sheep-stealing the charge; 'Twould make your hearts laugh in the Records to see How we bullied him out of his wits! - I say we, Because while on this side against him I banged, On the other the Beak said he ought to be hanged, For a gallows-grained, scandalous son of transgression! And committing him then-the case being so plain, We sent him three hundred miles 'down on the chain' To his Trial-and eke to his 'acquittal', at Session! For what care we Squatters for Law on a push? And for Justice! what has she to do with the Bush?

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