HEARTSEASE book cover   Heartsease
Lee Harding

Dustjacket synopsis:
"Mathew's focused on where he's going, but everything around him is falling apart....

"Seen through his camera, Mathew's world is richer than ever before, but away from the viewfinder it's rapidly falling apart - what has happened to turn his father into the stranger he is fast becoming? As Mathew searches for his own truth, the camera becomes the only thing he can trust. But as he discovers, the truth is not black or white..."

First Paragraph:

The trouble began when Dad arrived home with the LandCruiser.

Kate and I were impressed with the new vehicle. But Mum was furious and stood in the driveway with her arms folded, demanding to know whose it was.

'It's ours,' Dad Proudly announced. 'I traded the Volvo...'

For a moment she was speechless. Then she really let fly. 'You did what?' she said. 'I don't believe it! If you needed a new toy, why not trade in the Falcon and leave me the Volvo?'

From the Bluegum paperback edition, 1997.

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