Lee Harding

Brief Biography

Lee Harding was born in Colac, Victoria, in 1937. He worked mainly as a freelance photographer before taking up full-time writing in 1978. He began his writing career in 1961 by publishing a number of short science fiction stories in British and American specialist science fiction magazines.

Harding is mainly known as a writer of books for "juveniles" with his most successful, Displaced Person, being awarded the Alan Marshall Award in 1978. He has been awarded the Ditmar Award, for Best Australian Science Fiction of the Year, twice: for "Dancing Gerontius" in 1970, and for "Fallen Spaceman" in 1972.

Although absent for a number of years, Harding made a welcome return to publishing in recent times with Heartsease in 1997. He currently lives in rural Victoria.


The Fallen Spaceman 1973
A World of Shadows 1975
Future Sanctuary 1976
The Frozen Sky 1976
The Children of Atlantis 1976
Return to Tomorrow 1976
The Weeping Sky 1977
Journey into Time 1978
The Legend of New Earth 1979
Displaced Person 1979 (aka Misplaced Persons)
The Web of Time 1980
Waiting for the End of the World 1983
Heartsease 1997

Beyond Tomorrow 1976
The Altered I: An Encounter with Science Fiction 1976
Rooms of Paradise 1978

Shorter Fiction (probably not complete)
"All My Yesterdays" Science Fantasy, June 1963
"Birthright" New Worlds, June 1962
"Cassandra's Castle" Vision of Tomorrow, September 1970
"The Changer" Vision of Tomorrow, June 1970, as by Harold G. Nye
"The Communication Machine" Worlds of If, July 1970
"The Consumer Report" Vision of Tomorrow, August 1969
"Conviction" New Worlds, October 1961
"The Custodian" Vision of Tomorrow, May 1970
"Dancing Gerontius" Vision of Tomorrow, December 1969
"Displaced Person" Science Fantasy, April 1961
"Dragonfly" New Worlds, April 1962
"Echo" New Worlds, November 1961
"Echoes of Armageddon" Vision of Tomorrow, July 1970
"The Evidence" New Worlds, August 1964
"Fallen Spaceman" If, June 1971
"The Immortal" If, January 1971
"Late" New Worlds, February 1962
"The Lonely City" New Worlds, August 1963
"Love in the City" Odyssey, Summer 1976
"Mistress of the Mind" New Writing in Science Fiction 18
"Night of Passage" Science Fiction Monthly, August 1975
"Pressure" Science Fiction Adventures, January 1962
"Quest" New Worlds, April 1963
"Rebirth" Vision of Tomorrow, April 1970
"Sacrificial" Science Fantasy, August 1961
"Birthright" New Worlds, June 1962
"Spaceman" Worlds of If, April 1970
"Takeover" Vision of Tomorrow, January 1970, as by Harold G. Nye

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