Rodney Hall

Brief Biography

Rodney Hall was born in Birmingham, England in 1935 and migrated to Australia after the Second World War. He left school in Brisbane at the age of sixteen but graduated from the University of Queensland in 1971. Prior to his graduation he acted on stage and on radio and he was later to work as a freelance scriptwriter for both television and radio.

Rodney Hall has won the Miles Franklin Award on two occasions: with Just Relations in 1982 and The Grisly Wife in 1994. His novel The Day We Had Hitler Home was shortlisted for the 2001 Miles Franklin Award.

His novel Captivity Captive won the Victorian Premier's Literary Award in 1988.

Captivity Captive was shortlisted for the National Book Council's Banjo Award in 1989, as was The Grisly Wife in 1994 and The Island in the Mind in 1997.


The Ship On the Coin 1972
A Place Among People 1975
Just Relations 1982
Kisses of the Enemy 1987
Captivity Captive 1988
The Second Bridegroom 1991
The Grisly Wife 1993
The Island in the Mind 1996
The Day We had Hitler Home 2000
The Last Love Story 2004

Penniless Till Doomsday 1962
Forty Beads on a Hangman's Rope 1963
Eyewitness 1967
The Autobiography of a Gorgon 1968
The Law of Karma 1968
Heaven, In a Way 1970
A Soapbox Omnibus 1973
Selected Poems 1975
Black Bagatelles 1978
The Most Beautiful World 1981

Edited Verse Collections
New Impulses in Australian Poetry 1968 with Thomas Shapcott
Australian Poetry 1970 1970
Poems from Prison 1973
Australians Beware 1975 (a collection of poems and paintings)
Voyage into Solitude 1978 (a collection of Michael Dransfield poetry)
The Second Month of Spring 1980 (a collection of Michael Dransfield poetry)
The Collins Book of Australian Poetry 1981
Michael Dransfield Collected Poems 1987

Focus on Andrew Sibley 1968
J. S. Manifold: An Introduction to the Man and His Work 1978
Australia - Image of a Nation 1850-1950 1983 (the text of a photographic collection)
Home: Journey Through Australia 1988

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