"You can talk about yer sheep dorgs," said the man from Allan's Creek,
   "But I know a dorg that simply knocked 'em bandy! -
Do whatever you would show him, and you'd hardly need to speak;
   Owned by Daley, drover cove in Jackandandy.

"We was talkin' in the parlour, me and Daley, quiet like, When a blow-fly starts a-buzzin' round the ceilin', Up gets Daley, and he says to me, 'You wait a minute, Mike, And I'll show you what a dorg he is at heelin'.'
"And an empty pickle-bottle was a-standin' on the shelf, Daley takes it down and puts it on the table, And he bets me drinks that blinded dorg would do it by himself - And I didn't think as how as he was able!
"Well, he shows the dorg the bottle, and he points up to the fly, And he shuts the door, and says to him - 'Now Wattle!' And in less than fifteen seconds, spare me days, it ain't a lie, That there dorg had got that insect in the bottle."

"W. T. Goodge"
Bulletin, 16 July 1898, p3

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