ON DEARBORN STREET book cover On Dearborn Street 1981
Cover illustration by Nadine Gajnik

Dustjacket synopsis:
"Set and written in the United States, this fascinating novel covers the turbulent times just prior to America's entry into World War I, exploring similar themes to those in My Brilliant Career. Told by Caverley, the hero, the story deals with the wooing of Sybyl, a woman of exceptional gifts and a considerable suspicion of both men and marriage."

"Miles Franklin is an authentic voice for her time, as a feminist and an idealist for whom ethical concepts were rights rather than luxuries." - N.J. Richey, World Literature Today
"A delightful comic portrait of a highly independent Chicago businesswoman resolved to steer clear of marriage...The language is antique - and charming - but the issues are surprisingly up-to-date.." - Publisher's Weekly
"A welcome additional dimension to Miles Franklin's work." - Jacqueline Abbott, Age
"The novel is important for the light it throws on the ethical and social ideas of one of the most talented and remarkable women in our literature." - Clement Semmier, Courier-Mail

First Paragraph


Memoirs of an infatuate, satirically and gleefully offered for what they are worth, and without shame.

If in thus running amok in the vernacular I should be accused of sentimentality, then unabashed I claim the right to my national adjective. The United Stateser has as much right to his characteristics or characteristic defects as the next fellow. If he is sentimental, then sentimental he is. Let it go at that.

From the UQP paperback edition, 1981.

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