TO A POLITICIAN by Edward Dyson

There was a moment when of you
   A splendid hope I had to tell,
Beleiving "Here is one man who
   Will serve our waiting country well."

I saw you sedulous and keen, I heard the burning words you spoke. It seemed that you were hard and clean, And rapier sharp your every stroke.
Then came success, and in a night An impish thing you stood apart, All empty-handed for the fight, With worse, alas! an empty heart.
Success had spoiled you, said your friends, It was not so, for naught was there To spoil but means to petty ends. At last men saw you bleak and bare.
In those who give you grudging aid These days, may we the spirits see Who for the love of men would raid The strongholds of iniquity?
Are these the heroes high and true, Who, seeing right with honest eyes, Will risk their all in putting through Democracy's stern enperprise?
You had no wealth of love. You failed For that. Your heart may never cling To men upon their crosses nailed, To brothers sadly travailing.

"E. Dyson"
The Bulletin, 27 January 1921, p14

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