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Garry Disher

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Dustjacket synopsis:
"Leah Flood is on the run. The cops are after her and she has to keep one step ahead. The irony is that Leah is a cop too. But she's a copy who made a mistake. Leah knows she's in the right, but that doesn't seem to matter to the guys who are chasing her.

"Then somewhere along a lonely road in the middle of nowhere, Leah meets Tess, who is also on the run. Soon the two young women are beig tracked by a ruthless killer.

"But who is the intended target?

"And why?

"An edgy thriller that goes on the road, into the unexpected."

First Paragraph

The thing is, she'd moved into this house only a few days ago, and yet they'd found her. Before that there'd been another house, and before that a couple of cheap and nasty flats. Cheap and nasty houses, too, so who was she kidding? The thing is, they'd found her at each of her boltholes and told her she was a dead woman.

This time they'd buried her car in a truckload of sand and placed a cardboard coffin on top of the heap. There was a doll dressed in a blue uniform cap and overalls inside the coffin. Overalls because some of them thought she was a lesbian. Lived alone, no boyfriend, didn't mix, she had to be a dyke, right?

She was actually straight, but that wasn't the issue, it was just their way of putting the boot in further. Some of them wanted her dead, and they were cops, and knew how to find her. Knew how to make her dead.

From the Hodder paperback edition, 2004.

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