PAYDIRT book cover   Paydirt
Garry Disher

Cover design: Siren

Dustjacket synopsis:
"Wyatt is back in a new adventure set on the far side of morality.

"Introduced in Kickback, Garry Disher's fast-selling, widely praised crime novel, Wyatt reappears in the South Australian outback, intent on snatching a payroll. But Wyatt is not the only one eyeing the funds.

"The Outfit has business with Wyatt. It will only be finished when he faces the hitman's gun.

"Garry Disher's highly controlled, fast-paced style brilliantly matches this tense, unnerving story of treachery and rough justice."

First Paragraph

The work was dirty, the little town a joke, but Wyatt was interested only in the advantages - they didn't know who he was, there were no cops, and no one was expecting a payroll snatch.

He was up to his elbows in grease when the money arrived. The Steelguard security van appeared at the cemetery corner in a cloud of dust, crept past the bowling green clubhouse, and slowed for the gate in the temporary fence that separated the construction camp from the town. He watched the van lurch through the gate into the camp and stop outside Brava Construction's site office, fifty metres from where he was getting his hands dirty. He checked the time: midday. He saw two men get out. They began to haul cashboxes into the site office. When one of them glanced in his direction, Wyatt bent over his work again and got some more dirt on himself.

From the Allen and Unwin paperback edition, 1992.

This is number 2 in the Wyatt series of novels.

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