EVA'S ANGEL book cover   Eva's Angel
Garry Disher

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Dustjacket synopsis:
"Eva Hicks has come to Italy for love and art. What she finds in the shifting light of Tuscany are gunshots along the terraced hillsides, the enigmatic Nye and a sense of her misplaced faith.

"Meantime, in a crypt beneath the wintry stones of Venice, Matthew Rennie is cleaning the grime from a medieval fresco. Better here than above ground, wher Nye holds sway, masked figures shadow him and people like Eva Hicks throw things into question.

"Eva's Angel is a gripping beautifully observed novel by the author of the award-winning, bestselling The Divine Wind."

First Paragraph

Eva waited for Aden outside the British Insitute Library. She was on time. When he had not arrived after ten minutes she imagined the teasing she would give him. Forty minutes later she knew that she was at fault. She looked at the list of tenants in the building's foyer. She stood on the footpath, unfolded her map, and looked both ways along the Lungarno. Hot, mutely desparate tourists toiled by. Taxis and three-wheeled vans fumed and braked on the street and young locals howled through the gaps on mopeds, elbows out and limbs flying like rakish insects. The heat and the racket drove her back into the foyer. She had not been to Europe before.

Aden said, when he found her: 'The British Institute, Eva, not the Institute Library. Over there, look.' He pointed to the other side of the river. 'I showed it to you yesterday. Never mind, I've found you now. We go down here,' he said, striding off. 'What did you do today?'

He had his sketches with him, in a leather folio case under his arm. Eva hurried beside and occasionally behind him along side streets and across Piazza San Spirito. 'I went to the Uffizi Gallery,' she called, at one point.

From the Hodder paperback edition, 2003.

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