CROSSKILL book cover   Crosskill
Garry Disher

Cover design by Karen Carter

Dustjacket synopsis:
"Wyatt is broke - and angry. The Mesics took his money a year ago. It's time to get it back.

"The Outfit has other plans. They want Wyatt dead. $40,000 is a small price to pay to make it happen.

"For Wyatt the street has become an extremely dangerous place - too dangerous to move in on the Mesics yet. He needs a different break. A bargain the Outfit can't refuse.

"But Wyatt must also manoeuvre cops on the take - and an Outfit lieutenant with a gun in her hand and revenge on her mind.

"Crosskill is Garry Disher's 4th Wyatt novel."

"A cold hand grips the imaginative nerves more and more tightly." - Robert Hood
"Violent, gripping, realistic...imposisble to put down." - Sunday Age
"As hard as it gets and very entertaining." - Weekend Australian

First Paragraph

The stranger appeared just after lunch on day one of Wyatt's operation against the Mesics. He was driving a red Capri, soft top down, and Wyatt watched him park it against the kerb, unfold from the car, stride to the compund gates and bend his face to the intercom grille in the brick pillar. MESIC was spelled out in shiny red tiles above the intercom and Wyatt saw the stranger touch the name as though to draw luck from it. Then the gates jerked, swung open, and the man stepped through the gap. He was about thirty, and he had the raw-nerved, hole-and-corner look of a man who exists on coffee and whispers. Wyatt put that together with the car, the costly jacket and jeans, and speculated that here was someone who made a profit for the Mesics and profited by them.

The Mesics were small-scale racketeers with ambitions, and Wyatt was watching their place through the rear window of a rented Volvo. The Volvo was a good touch. He'd faced it away from the compound gates and was sitting in the back seat so this wouldn't look like a stakeout to casual eyes. But the car looked right anyway, so he wasn't expecting trouble. The citizens of Templestowe, crooked and otherwise, ran to Volvis, Saabs, cars like that.

From the Allen and Unwin paperback edition, 1994.

This is number 4 in the Wyatt series of novels.

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