Unpublished Works
She milked the cow; and all the morn was hushed -
   (It was a beast that never kicked or rushed)
The startled dicky-birds of early Spring
   Sat up amazed to mark this splendid thing,
Nigh fainting with delight upon the bough . . . .
          She milked the cow.

She milked the cow; nor all the glory rare Of that October morning could compare With that sweet sylvan scene; the grace, the charm The rhythmic movement of her dimpled arm, Would make a poor bloke feel just anyhow . . . . She milked the cow.
She milked the cow. 'Twas at South Sassafras - (Which is a cruel word to rhyme,alas) And all who gazed thereon decalred, with force, It was sublime - except the cow, of course Who wore a patient frown upn her brow . . . . She milked the cow. She milked the cow - at least, she said she did. There was the milk in proof; and God forbid That I should doubt the statement in the least, (I sympathised in private with the beast Who said - but still, what does it matter now?) She milked the cow.

Done at South Sassafras on the fifth day of October, 1913, by C.J. Dennis, after drinking the milk.

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002