Works in the Sun 1927

Signor Marconi says that wireless telephony will soon be commercially available between England and Australia.

(Are you there?)  I'll ring up Johnson and impart this wondrous news;
   For he's mad about telephony, I know.
So I'd like to give a tinkle -- (Are you there?) and get his views
   On -- (Oh, give me Central seven four six O).

To telephone to England!  It's amazing!  (Are you there?)
   It's astounding -- (What?  O four six seven?  No!!)
This invention -- (I want Central! Seven four - I didn't swear!
   I don't want -- I want seven four six O.)

(Are you there?)  When I tell Johnson --
      (What?  I don't want Winsor!  No!!
   I want --)  I'll give it up.  It's got me beat!
And we may be 'phoning England in a few short months or so;
   But I can't get Johnson just across the street.

Sun, 18 March 1927, p7

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002