Works in the Sun 1927

Now that Premier Allan has agreed to forego the State garden party to allow the Duke more liberty, people are asking what the Prime Minister proposes.

Australia's foremost citizen well knows --
   None better - what exalted rank demands
Of occupants.  Ne'er was he one of those
   To leave nobler work to lesser hands.
He knows - none better - how things should be done,
   Stars are not fashioned to outshine the sun.

And now the citizens impatient wait
   The word that shall uphold high precendent;
The gesture that is hall-mark of the great,
   And proves a life in Statesmanship well spent;
And ask - not doubting, but content of mind:
   "If Allan yields, can Bruce be far behind?"

Sun, 2 March 1927, p7

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002