Works in the Sun 1927

His Royal Highness, the Duke of York, lands in Australia today.

Cooee!  Well, Dig, I s'pose you've 'eard that row
   Up in ole Blighty some ten year ago.
An' it is up to us to greet you now
   'Oo done us proud when we done up the foe.

We may be rough, tough blokes; but, rough or tough,
   We're dinkum, an' we try to play the game.
An' if its friends you look for; good enough!
   We're cobbers, Dig.  An' that in more than name.

We may seem strange to you, from out a land
   Where culcher reigns, an' speech ain't quite so free.
But here, free from traditions's 'oary 'and,
   We are the builders, making history!

So, welcome, Dig, frum fur across the foam.
'Ang up yer 'at an' make yerself at 'ome.

Sun, 26 March 1927, p7

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002