Works in the Sun 1927

The motto of the Women's Branch of the Mittyack Better Farming Association is "If you cannot say anything kind, be silent."

Betty Yack, of Mittyack, charming was and young;
But Betty Yack of Mittyack, had a bitter tongue.
And she married her one Otto who henceforth seemed doomed for life,
To submit to the upbraiding of his bonny, bitter wife.

Betty Yack of Mittyack, joined, while still quite charming,
That association having aims for better farming.
"So far, so good, my bitter Bet," remarked her husband, Otto.
"If you join associations you must then adopt the motto."

Betty read the articles and pondered quite a while,
Then nodded to her husband with a soft but gentle smile.
And the happy little couple are at last released from strife.
For Betty Yack, of Mittyack, stays dumb for all her life.

Sun, 17 May 1927, p7

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002