Works in the Herald 1938

Victorian police intend to enforce the provisions of the Traffic Code against that type of cyclist who is a notorious and habitual offender against its rules, constantly endangering his own safety and that of others on the road day and night.

I'm a glittering light of the Suicide Squad,
   And I reckon I own the road.
I go where  like on my wobbling bike,
   And a fig for your Traffic Code.
Cars and pedestrians, carts and equestrians,
   All must be watchful for me.
These travelling fools are slaves of the rules;
   But I'm free of the road!  I'm free!

I'm a democrat, proud of the Suicide Squad,
   Class conscious and ever at war
With the toff in the car, while his progress I bar
   And his rights I prefer to ignore.
I travel at night without shoping a light
   Four abreast with my friends for a lark.
But your pity I claim -- for the car is to blame --
   If I chance to get bumped in the dark.

Their structure they hurl at the Suicide Squad;
   We are harried and hounded by cops
Because we are poor; but we'll never endure
   Regulation till tyranny stops.
Many cyclists there are who defer to a car
   And observe every rule of the Code.
These are cowards and cads to the daredevil lads
   Who aspire to be kings of the road.

I'm a glittering light of the Suicide Squad;
   And I won't put my hands on the bars
While I dodge in and out to the terrified shout
   Of the nincompoops driving their cars.
As they honk at a curve to pass by me I swerve,
   Just to show they're no better than me.
I'm a plague and a pest; but I'm good as the best
   I'm a lord of the road!  I'm free!

Herald, 18 May 1938, p6

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