Works in the Herald 1938

In an attack upon the claim for equality of the sexes, Mr Cameron, Acting Federal Minister for Commerce and Health, says that sex equality is "all rot and nonsense." Except for a few avenues, such as nursing, women should be kept in the home, he says, as they cannot hold their own with men. The existence of a few women lawyers and doctors proves nothing.

Your place is by my side, my dear,
      A-holding of my hand
When I am feeling rather queer
   And hard to understand;
Not 'mid that fierce forensic crew
   Who argue in the courts;
But doing all that you can do
   When I am out of sorts.

To me it all seems very clear:
      Yours to submit and bow;
Mine to command and domineer.
Your place is by my side, my dear,
   A-stroking of my brow,
Consoling me for all my ills
   My proud position brings.
The while you find vicarious thrills
   Midst all the humbler things.

Your place is by my side, my sweet;
      For you, so weak and frail,
Must bear the burden and the heat
   Of troubles that assail
The lord and master moaning here;
   You may not toil alone,
But ever by my side, my dear,
   To soothe me when I moan.

To me it all seems very plain:
      While I am strong, I'm free.
But when I feel a little pain
Your place is by my side again
   To calm and comfort me.
But if you went out on your own,
   And left me in my pride,
What could I do, dear, all alone?
   Your place is at my side.

Herald, 31 May 1938, p6

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