Works in the Herald 1937

Many public bodies, including the Young Nationalists, resent the fact that though unemployment has decreased while the revenue from the Relief Tax has increased through additional contributions from men in new employment, the Victorian Government still makes no move towards revision.

This is the tale of an ancient day
   When Goff was a famous land,
A tale of its government's muddled way,
   Misguided and ill-planned.
And this is the rune writ plain upon
   The gateway into Goff:
"Oh, it's pie to pile the taxes on;
   But the devil to lift them off."
O, yez!-----O, yez!
   'Tis hard to shake them off.

To Goff there came an evil day
   Of grave commerical irk;
Depression stalked them, grim and grey
   And men fell out of work.
Then the government said: "We'll make a tax
   That want may be allayed,
A burden for wage-earners' backs,"
   But the people gladly paid.
O, yez!-----O, yez!
   In sympathy they paid.

The tax soon mounted up and up
   Unto a goodly sum;
And they who sipped the bitter cup
   Received at least a crumb
Of comfort, and were clothed and fed
   Till better days should dawn.
"'Tis only just," the people said,
   "That sustenance be drawn.
O, yez!-----O, yez!
   Let sustenance be drawn."

Herald, 8 May 1937, p4
The Queenslander, 17 June 1937, p3

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