Works in the Herald 1937
Oh, yesterday I was a happy man; 
All life seemed moulded to a perfect plan. 
The earth, the air, the sky, the birds in song.   
All were in harmony and nothing wrong;   
The gentle wind that crooned among the trees   
Reminded me of long-lost melodies.;   
It found all things of earth supremely sane   
And saw fresh beauty in the shining rain.   
Oh, I was glad.   
All that I had,   
All that I hoped to hold     
Comprised gifts far beyond desert and blessed a thousandfold.   
My fellow man was generous; his heart was kind and pure   
And I was very sure   
Friendship was real, peace had come to stay.   
Oh, I was very happy  yesterday.  

To-day I am a miserable man; 
All life seems crazy, and there is no plan.   
The earth, the sky, the birds' discordant song   
Screaming so aimlessly  all, all are wrong.   
The howling wind that blusters in the trees   
Reminds me of some fiend's cacophonies.   
I find all things of earth simply inane   
With drear depression in the sodden rain,   
Oh, I am sad.   
All I have had   
Or ever hope to bold   
Comprises evanescent gifts, impalpable and cold.   
My fellow man is treacherous, his kindness but a lure,   
And I am very sure   
Friendship is hollow; peace has flown away   
My income tax assessment came to-day.  

Herald, 15 May 1937
The Queenslander, 12 January 1938, p3

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