Works in the Herald 1936

Owing to the threats of blackmailers Colonel Lindbergh, the famous airman, and his wife have been forced to leave the U.S.A., in which country a leading public man recently announced that its gangsters outnumbered its army and navy by two to one.

I'll tell the world I'd like to stay 
The briefest while in U.S.A. 
Whose statesmen spill a bibful when 
They mention that their strong-arm men -
Their gangsters, gunmen, atavars, 
Who knock about in armoured cars 
With Thompson sub-guns in their hands, 
Are almost as the countless sands. 

If it should be my fate to stay 
A year or two in U.S.A. 
I think I'd choose to be a yeg - 
Or, in plain English, one tough egg; 
And trim the suckers who elect 
To treat the Law with due respect, 
And beat the rap, so I might land 
The iron men - say, fifty grand.

But if, perchance, I should be shot 
By guys who put me on the spot, 
After they took me for a ride
Thro' some salubrious countryside, 
I do not think I'd grieve, because, 
Having once broken all their laws, 
A hero's task I should have done 
As "Public Enemy" A.1. 

In England men like Nelson, Drake, 
Public approval used to wake; 
Napo'eon, Bismarck - men like these - 
Roused, in punk Europe, ecstasies. 
Aw, nerts! Them bozos only make 
Fit food for racketeering's sake, 
While gathering gunmen scan the sky 
For heroes who must pay or die.

Herald, 4 January 1936

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