Works in the Herald 1935

Man fatally Injured Driving with Wife and Child -- Driver Dies Attempting to Avoid Pedestrian -- Skid Fatal -- Car Hits Jinker -- High-Speed Impact -- Hit-and-Run Cases, etc., etc.
- From an incomplete list of week-end accidents.

Man is a marvellous creature, he is,
   For all his grabbin' an' greed,
(Said old George Jones).  An' it's fair in his bones,
   This figgitin' folly o' speed.
For he's wed to his progress, whatever it is;
   An' the master an' lord o' the earth,
He is hastenin' fast to some destiny vast,
   Tho' be danged if I knows what it's worth.
For it's hustle along to wherever it is!
   Time flies, an' there's none for to waste!
But there's never a soul knows the ultimate goal
   Nor the urgent occasion for haste.
We must get where we're goin' -- wherever it is.
   Push on!  Or we'll never arrive!
There's time an' to spare for to meditate there
   On our blessedness - if we're alive.
Man is a sensible being, he is;
   Ne'er acting without a sane cause.
Since reason had birth he has dragged from the earth
   Deep secrets, toiled on without pause.
He has harnessed the winds an' the lightnings, he has,
   Bent every force to his need.
And the fool who asks why must skip nimble, or die;
   For, the answer is: "Speed!  More speed!"
But what's all the pother about? says I.
   Where is the end and the aim?
(Said old George Jones).  For I'm hearin' the moans
   Of the stricken they murder an' maim.
Ay; I'm hearin' the curse o' the dyin', I am,
   Of the hundreds who fall by the way.
"To the triumph!" men shouts.  But my old mind misdoubts:
   Is it worth the blood price that men pay?

Herald, 17 July 1935, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2004