Works in the Herald 1935

BERLIN. - "Nazi leaders, realizing that Nazism is losing ground, are attempting to divert attention from their failure by campaigns against Jews, Catholics and members of Stahlhelm." - Cable News

   Supposing I should come to you
   And say to you, "Good day to you.
I have no quarrel with you, but I've rather flunked my job,
   And I must divert attention,
   So I thought I'd like to mention
That, in manner rather brutal, I must bash you on the nob."
   Would you reply politely, in a fashion sweetly meek?
   Or would your mood be critical and snarky, so to speak?

   Supposing I said to you,
   "Good morning, sir.  I'm scorning, sir,
The use of any subterfuge: truth may not be abused.
   But a certain noisy faction
   Of my mob requires distraction,
And I seek a counter-irritant to keep the boys amused.
   So, since you are quite defenceless, I must kick you in the slats."
   Do you think we might see eye to eye, as fellow democrats?

   If, on the other hand, I said,
   "See here, my man!  I fear, my man,
I much dislike your style of face!  You're small and mild and weak.
   I admit you cannot harm me, 
   But my people's threats alarm me;
So in efforts to divert them, I shall biff you on the beak.
   If you resist my action, I'll be most annoyed with you."
   Do you think you could appreciate my novel point of view?

   Suppose I then man-handled you
   And battered you and scattered you
In pieces o'er the landscape, all for "patriotic" ends --
   If, so hap, one may term any
   Such method made in Germany --
Would you refuse to squeal or seek the aid of outside friends?
   Not even if I told you it was for the common good,
   And so held the boys together?  No?  I hardly thought you would.

Herald, 14 August 1935, p6

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