Works in the Herald 1935

Free railway facilities have been provided this year (the twentieth anniversary of Anzac Day) for country Diggers to come to Melbourne for the annual Anzac march.

"I'm comin' down to the march this year,"
   Said the Digger.  "Strike me fat!
Eighteen long year I've toiled up here
   (An' I ain't made much at that)
But I'm comin' down to the big parade --
   An', Lord, it's none too soon --
To meet the boys of the old Brigade
   An' me pals of the old platoon.

"There's Red, who yanked me in, all out,
   When we lobbed on Sari Bair;
An' Skeet, who soothed the sergeant's doubt
   When the Gyppos stripped me bare;
And the crowd who shared them shell-hole games
   In the big dust-up at 'Eeps.'
Good gosh!  A man forgets their names;
   But their old mugs stays for keeps.

"So I'm comin' down to the march," said he,
   An' I'm goin' to see them all.
I'll come -- tho' the blue skies arch," said he,
   "Up here, an' the bush birds call.
I'm achin' -- achin', lad, for a sight
   Of those glad old mugs I knoo
When we learned to treat good cobbers right
   An' done what right men do.

"So I'm comin' down; for they've paid me fare 
   (An' it's litle more they've paid),
An' I'll meet some great old cobbers there --
   An' the narks -- of the old Brigade.
An' they'll all be grey an' bent, I s'pose,
   As I am grey an' bent;
But, so long's I get nex' door to those
   For yarns, I'll be content."

Herald, 4 April 1935, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003