Works in the Herald 1935
So nice it is of you to call . . . 
   Yes; Monday week we done it;
Right 'igh-clarse weddin' -- church an' all.
   Cost Bill a bit to run it.
An' wotjer think 'e ups and sez
   First night, or thereabout?
"Hey, Lil!"  (Lor, it give me sich a thrill),
   "Didjer think to put the milk-billy out?"

'Im!  Thinkin' of the milk like that.
   Show's 'e's domesticated.
'Er?  She's no right to tork, the cat!
   Although they are related.
It shows my Bill ain't like she sez:
   A harum-scarum lout.
"Hey, Lil?"  "Wot's yer troubles, Bill?"
   "Didjer think to put the milk-billy out?"

Sounds funny, comin' like from 'im,
   A lover so 'igh mettled.
Show's a wife's chances ain't too slim;
   Seems like 'e's gittin' settled.
S'pose every girl must fret a bit;
   But them words stills me doubt:
"Hey, Lil?"  "Well?  Wot's up, ole sill'?"
   "Don't fergit to put the milk-billy out."

Well, 'owja think me parler seems?
   Them chairs?  'E 'elped me choose 'em . . . 
S'pose all young wives must 'ave their dreams,
   Gawd!  I don't wanta lose 'em . . . 
Real 'omey, ain't it? . . . All I 'ope's
   When we are old an' stout
I'll 'ear him at it still:  "Hey, Lil! 
   Didjer think to put the milk-billy out?"

Herald, 26 August 1935, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2005