Works in the Herald 1935

It has been decided that, at the Pyramid Hill Caledonian Society's Highland Ball on June 22, all couples in national costume will be given free admission.

Oh Scots wha ha'e, wi' risin' spleen,
   Hear insults heaped upon oor race --
Vile charges that we're stingy, mean --
   Whit blether's this soe oot o' place?
In costume they'll admit us free?
   Awa!  Not thus are Scotsmen built.
Nae sic inducement's temptin' me
   Tae wear ma kilt.

Oh, Caledonia staern an' wild,
   Hae we no Caledonian pride?
Wha'll tak' sic insults, meek an' mild?
   Not me for one, an' mair beside
This base affront will straight resent
   An' seek reprisals till the hilt.
Tae no sic plan will I consent.
   Me wear ma kilt?

Breathes there a man wi' soul sae daid
   He deems his tartan guid for cash?
Must we approach wi' bended haid
   Yon patronisin' Sassenach?
Awa!  The claymore's out!  Ma soul
   Shouts freedom tae the bagpipe's lilt.
This patronage I will na thole.
   Me wear ma kilt?

The nicht is past; the feast is o'er.
   Ah, weel.  The Heilan' ball was grrand.
But could he say the same who wore
   Base breeks, an' thus denied his land?
Nae, nae, ten nichts like this, forbye,
   'Tis best tae let hot anger wilt.
An' times are harrd ... Whit's that?  Oh, ay.
   I wore ma kilt.

Herald, 13 June 1935, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2004