Works in the Herald 1935

"Today there is a brighter outlook for the man on the land than there has been for years." - News Item.

It's up an' down, as me father said,
   An' his as went before him --
Good days could never turn his head
   Nor the worst of seasons floor him.
(Said old george Jones).  I've heard him say
   Full many a time an' often,
"The man who knows no evil day
Ain't toughened so he can out-stay
   Good times, in which men soften."

See-saw.  'Tis the older law
   That's ruled the world since Adam.
If men ain't sipped the bitter cup,
How can the good days cheer 'em up?
   They never know they had 'em.
So, by-an'-large, I'm sorter glad
   I've had a chance to share 'em --
These long, lean years we've lately had.
Now good years come we've got the bad
   With which we can compare 'em.

I've heard men say the land is done
   Because the hard times fool 'em.
Poor simple loons, they ain't begun
   To know the laws wot rule 'em.
"Men ain't learned yet to live on air,"
   I've hard my ole dad chuckle.
"Stick to the land.  All wealth lies where
Earth bids all men to seek it, e'er
   When life gets near the knuckle."

See-saw.  'Tis the olden law;
   An' laws help them as learned 'em.
An' us ole stagers wot held fast
To earth, now clear days down at last,
   Why, praise the Lord, we've earned 'em.
Hard earned (said old George Jones) most ways
   High prized.  New loads is lighter,
Us, who held fast can well spare praise,
Aye, even for then strengthenin' days
   That makes these good days brighter.  

Herald, 16 September 1935, p6

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