Works in the Herald 1935
Still I've the picture of him -- Flash Phil Galloway;
   In a shining dog-cart driving down the road;
Spanking ponies dashing by,
Running tandem, stepping high;
   Silver-plated harness where the sunlight glowed.
Everybody waved to him -- Kind Phil Galloway --
   Bright eye, curling hair, big blond moustache.
No man, in those feckless days,
Thought to curb his reckless ways:
   "Right man for the district, sir; tho' just a trifle rash."

Flash Phil Galloway owned a station property
   Left him by his father, back in sixty-nine;
Owned a stretch of sheepland, too,
Left him by his Uncle Lou;
   Owned his mother's big estate along the Ballantyne --
Three tidy fortunes: and Phil upon a race day
   Standing for a luncheon -- frills and fancy grub.
"Champagne and caviar,
Every toff a big cigar,
   All the tucker packed in ice!  Oysters in a tub!"

Flash Phil Galloway, loaded down with mortgages,
   Deep in mining ventures "to make another rise."
Debonair and reckless still
Generous -- the same old Phil,
   While kindly bankers were ready with supplies.
Bluff Phil Galloway chatting with the manager:
   "Where do I sign this one?  Read it?  Haw, what rot!"
The banker, as he folds the deed:
"And how much, this time, will you need?"
   Laughs Flash Phil Galloway, "Gad!  How much have you got?"

Old Phil Galloway, grey haired and garrulous,
   Stopping old acquaintances along the city ways,
Hanging round the leading pub
Lounging by the Squatters' Club --
   Half-crowns changing hands "for sake of olden days . . . ."
But I keep my picture of him -- Flash Phil Galloway
   In a shining dog-cart -- I can see him still:
Spanking ponies dashing by,
Running tandem, stepping high;
   Silver plated harness -- "Hey!  Happy days, Phil!"

Herald, 25 February 1935, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003