Works in the Herald 1935

To many of the mountain districts of the State, the swallows returned during the recent spring-like weather.

The swallows are back, and I'm tuning my lyre,
   For today 'tis my duty to sing
A melodious lay that is graciously gay
   To welcome -- officially -- spring --
               Ting-a-ling --
So let's have a song with a swing.
High cockalorum and fal-de-rah, whack!
Young Spring's in the offing!  The swallows are back!

To put sense in the song matters little so long
   As the lift and the lilt of it ring.
And a mention be made of the wattle-hung glade
   Where the blithering birds are a-wing --
               Ting-a-ling --
   And the clamorous honey-bees cling.
Tho' I'm scarce in the humor, alas and alack!
Ho, merry-down-derry!  The swallows are back!

So -- officially -- Hi!  Oh, salubrious sky!
   What a dear and delectable thing
To behold such a blue as old Arcady knew
   When -- er -- Strephan or someone was king --
               Ting-a-ling --
   And life held nor arrow nor sling.
Ah, the fervor is forced; but I mustn't get slack,
Tho' the rhymes may run low, for the swallows are back!

But -- privily -- oh, my vitality's low,
   And a sneer at the season I fling --
For I gasp and I wheeze in the weary unease
   Of the plagues that the pollen days bring --
               Ting-a-ling --
   I'm insipid as second-hand string.
Ah, ring down the curtain!  I've gone to the pack!
But, a last word in closing: the swallows are back.

Herald, 2 September 1935, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003