Works in the Herald 1934
Yarrawonga by herself
Lived too long upon a shelf
   She a stolid farmer's wife.
   Far remote from modern strife
Drowsily beside her door
Dreamed of hectic days long o'er.

Yarrawonga dreamed in peace,
Watched her flocks and herds increase,
   Drugged by wealth she sleepier grew,
   Scorned the strenuous and new,
Scorned all haste and modern ways,
Yet oozed contentment all her days.

Yarrawonga now awakes,
And a sudden interest takes
   In the schemes of eagr men,
   Who'd restore her youth again --
Who'd renew a youth half lost
And, at her contentment's cost,
   Bring life-giving waters down
   To rejuvenate her town.

Yarrawonga soon shall be
Resting in an inland sea
   Gazing on a man-made lake
   That new fruitfulness hall wake
O'er wide fields where drought has spread
Vague alarm and sudden dread.
   Then shall Yarrawonga know
   The dignity of years ago.

Herald, 16 April 1934, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002-06