Works in the Herald 1934
Where the Yarra dreams along,
   Now in shadow, now in sun,
Murmuring a drowsy song,
   Here she rests, the placid one.
Here she rests and takes her ease,
   Peaceful home of cattlemen;
Haste and hustle, things like these,
  Touch her lightly -- Yarra Glen.

Easy flow with little care
   Flows her rich river-flats
'Mid the lush green grasses where
   Roam the milkers and the fats;
Where the sun-tanned herdsmen ride
   Leisurely about green fields
Sloping to the river-side,
   Rich with Nature's kindly yields.

Well content to drift and dream,
   Life's high fever stirs her not,
Land of cows and corn and cream
   By the hastening world forgot.
Something here of olden days
   Lingers still, to wake anew
Memories of placid ways
   That her staid forefathers knew.

In this calm backwater set,
   Here she drowses well in call
Of the city's fume and fret,
   Yet oblivious to it all.
Wisely she forgoes the gift
   That fast living brings to men,
Well content to dream and drift --
   Happy rustic, Yarra Glen. 

Herald, 2 March 1934, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003-06