Works in the Herald 1934

All leaders of thought in Australia agree that, with the dawning of Victoria's Centenary year, a new courage and a new hope has been born in this country, due to our wise choice of the stern and vigorous path in seeking a way out of the long depression.

Now comes to an end all our dolorous drifting;
Clouds pass away and depression is lifting.
   Because we were wise in our planning and sought
   The lesser of ills that the greater be fought
Hope springs again in the heart of the nation;
Because we were brave and accepted oblation
   Of sharp sacrifice, now comes recompense near
   With the dawn of our glorious Centenary year.

For the good of our souls have we borne the dark sorrows
Of that gloomy day which buys many bright morrows;
   For the good of our land have we chosen to shun
   The glittering sand, that real treasure be won.
And we who were counted the prodigal nation
Have won new renown by our self-immolation
   And the lands of the earth now in wonder behold
   This youngest of lands in grave wisdom grown old.

And now we return with new heart to our labor,
And, where gloom was rife, neighbor smiles upon neighbor;
   And now comes, to light our Centenary year -
   Not the dawn of false hope ever followed by fear -
But a dawn that shall last and wax ever in brightness,
Bringing strength to the weak: to the heavy heart, lightness.
   Bringing hope to the fearful and ending dismay.
   Because we have chosen the fighter's hard way.

Then let us not squander our hardly-won treasure
In pursuit of false joys and enfeebling leisure.
   Tried in the fire, we have proven our worth:
   We have proven our strength to the peoples of earth.
If courage in ill days has won us salvation,
So wisdom in good days shall flee the temptation
   To seek prosperity vain, foolish things.
   Let us husband the gifts our Centenary brings.

Herald, 3 January 1934, p6

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