Works in the Herald 1934
Albert, King of the Belgians,
   Lived for his whole reign thro'
The father and friend of his people,
   Soldier and statesman, too.
When his armies rode to the carnage,
   'Twas their King who rode at their hear
To battle as great Kings battled...
   And Albert the King is dead.

Albert, King of the Belgians,
   Looking at doomed Louvain,
Wept for the plight of his people,
   Grieved for his country's pain.
But the pride of a King upheld him;
   The strength of a true King stayed,
And the love of a wise King triumphed
   Thro' the travail, undismayed.

Albert, King of the Belgians,
   After the red war's close,
Seeking no rest from his labors,
   As a builder now arose;
Lending his life to service,
   Turning to tasks anew,
Healing his country's war-wounds --
   Builder and comforter, too.

Albert, King of the Belgians,
   Died as a Man would die,
Prone on earth's broad bosom,
   Under the open sky.
To a swift and merciful passing,
   Here went, at the end of his span,
A greater that King of his people --
   A wise and well-loved man.

Herald, 21 February 1934, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002-06