Works in the Herald 1934

Several newspapers publish, without comment, a list of those Federal members who did not stand again at the recent elections. The list includes the names of such well-known public men as Mr J. G. Latham, Mr Frank Anstey, and Senator Sir H. Lawson. Mr J. E. Fenton, defeated for Maribyrnong, also announces his retirement from politics.

Alert and eager for the fray,
   The younger captains don their mail,
Their eyes upon that forward day
   When hope would hear the welcome hail
That cheers men on to victory;
   Yet, would I make of this refrain
A paean valedictory
   For those who do not stand again.

Well may they cast a backward glance
   A shade regretful as they shift
To where stern Time or Circumstance
   Must, soon or late, bid all men drift.
And, fought they ne'er so hardily,
   Too well they know, yet ne'er complain,
Thanks rarely come, or tardily,
   To those who do not stand again.

They bear the scars of many a fray,
   They know the tale of many a plot,
Deep secrets of an ancient day
   And olden battles half-forgot.
The Game -- the Game was all to them;
   And they shall watch men strive and strain,
And still the Game will call to them --
   These men who do not stand again.

What matter on which side they fought?
   The heat, the hate are over now.
So they played straight in deed and thought
   The bays no less befit each brow.
So, let us lift a glass to them
   In token, as the toast we drain,
That men's good will should pass to them
   The men who do not stand again.

Herald, 19 September 1934, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003