Works in the Herald 1934

Beneficial rain has at last fallen at many inland places, where it was badly needed.

Balook, Beeac and Badaginnie,
   Tumbarumba, Tooleybuc,
Trawool, Trawalla, Towaninnie,
   Barramunga, Byaduk --
At all the little inland places,
   As the rainless weeks went by,
Men were lifting anxious faces
   Upward to a cloudless sky,
Darraweit Guim and Drung Drung,
   Were listening for a song unsung.

Grabben Gullen and Goolgowie,
   Momolong, Mirool, Meereek,
Gol Gol, Goorambat, Gumbowie,
   Shared the watch with Sardine Creek.
Yambuk and Yarrangobilly,
   Booroorban and Boorloolite,
Set by plain or upland hilly,
   Thro' dry day and dewy night,
With Wallinduc and Wallenbeen
   Longed for a peep of dawning green.

High on the frosty plain of Dargo,
   By Boolara and Bung Bong,
Currawarna and Cobargo
   Still they waited for the song.
Still for weather wet and windy,
   Still for storm clouds piling up,
Burrambunia watched with Bindi,
   Kooloonong and Koo-wee-rup --
Waited for the rain's soft feet,
   Pyalong and Purrumbete.

Now upon the roof tree singing,
   Many a town by hill and plain
Hears today that joyous singing.
   "It's the rain!  At last, the rain!"
Hear the pacan, Patchewollock!
   Pijick, Purnim, join the song!
Come, Porepunkah, join the frolic,
   Kulki and Konwongwootong!
Come, Karnarooka, shout a hail
   Cross country to Dongdangadale!

Herald, 27 June 1934, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003