Works in the Herald 1934

Among the many detailed accounts and descriptive articles that will not doubt be written during the Centenary year about the landing of Batman, it is to be hoped that the stout little schooner that brought him here will not be forgotten.

Men sing about the "Golden Hind"
   And many a famous ship's
Discoveries by nameless seas;
   Their names leap to the lips:
"Mayflower," "Isabella,"
   And other craft beside,
Whose venturing bands sought unknown lands
   When this, our world, was wide.

But who has sung "Rebecca"?  The bonny boat "Rebecca,"
   Who anchored south the Yarra mouth
      A hundred years ago.
And who shall hymn "Rebecca."  Who made this land a Mecca
   For pioneers in after years
      When wealth began to flow.
When wealth began to flow, my lads,
   And gold was freely spent,
That farm and field might treasure yield
   Unto our high content.

Men speak of Marco Polo's ship
   And her far voyaging;
Rhymes, too, they make of doughty Drake,
   Of valiant Hawkins sing.
Great songs are made of parts they played --
   These tall ships, sailing down
To lands unknown where since has grown
   Full many a thriving town.

Then -- Ho! for stout "Rebecca"!  For Batman and "Rebecca",
   Whose strange landfall brought us all
      Wealth from a swamp forlorn.
Rise up and shout "Rebecca!  She was no proud three-decker;
   Yet humbly she made history
      Ere you and I were born.
Ere you and I were born, my lads,
   'Twas she came sailing down
Port Phillip Bay to plough the way
   To fortune and renown.

Herald, 26 February 1934, p6

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